The YPERIA International Convention on Culture and Tourism has been created to allow an active exchange on culture promotion. It is supported by the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission.

Journalists, tourism professionals, producers and distinguished people from around the world are invited to take part and contribute to the promotion of the event through newspaper or magazine articles, films or documentaries as well as through advertisements of the island of Amorgos and the works presented during the Convention.



The YPERIA International Convention aims to promote Amorgos as an island full of richness that manages to keep its traditions, customs and culture alive.

Most of the time people just visit the island because of the “Big Blue”. They are captivated by its beauty but often fail to find out more about its character that add variety and vitality to the island.

Even during the last years, after power supply came in and roads were constructed as well as boat traffic and tourism increased, Amorgos Island has still maintained its traditional way of life.

Amorgian people keep on cultivating the land, producing their own products, listening to the nature and living in the rhythms of local festivities and religious celebrations.

Through the YPERIA Convention we wish to introduce this side of the island to our guest so that he/she walks the ancient hiking paths, visits the historical monuments, collects the famous aromatic herbs from the mountains, visits the distillery laboratory, enjoys local products, finds local recipes and attends traditional festivities.



How would you make improvements to an area full of history and culture and render it more attractive, without destroying any part of it?
Why could this preservation be of any interest?

The YPERIA International Convention is an open place for international exchange and dialogue on cultural heritage preservation, nature protection and patrimony promotion.
All evening discussions are open to the public so that people from Amorgos can participate and get information about what is going on in other areas in the fields of culture and tourism.

Researchers, professors and people of influence from different countries are invited to present their work on new ways of protecting, preserving and promoting cultural heritage. How and why did they set it up? What are the advantages? What would change in the long term?

The presentations and topics under discussion intend to bring new ideas, give inspiration to the people attending the event and maybe offer them the opportunity to introduce new practices in their own country, city or island.



The annual YPERIA International Convention is also a great opportunity to present and promote current projects on the island of Amorgos.

It is true that volunteers work all year long in order to preserve or restore some of the island’s richness.
The study conducted by Mrs Vivianna Metallinou, an architect and an expert on the rural settlement of “Asfondilitis” as well as a volunteer taking part in community clean-up, restoration of old paths and reforestation projects, are only a small part of the current projects on Amorgos as the list goes on and on…

The YPERIA Convention would uphold these projects and, in many cases, help the people in charge get in touch with associations or influential people with experience on the same fields.
In that way, YPERIA offers participants the chance to get advice and share common interests.