Grand Prix

Peloponnese, Greece beyond the obvious

Produced by Vassliki Peppa


Yiorgos of Kedros

1st place: Yannis Kolozis

Calliope’s Last song

2nd place: Georgios Fotopoulos

The Legend of the Barcelos Rooster

3rd place: Carlos Araújo

Tourism Products

Slovenian Gastronomy: You can’t spell Slovenia without love.Your plate awaits.

1st place: Tina Sracnjek

Why choose Porto & North of Portugal for your event? – The Majestic Adventures of Ofelia de Souza

2nd place: Carlos Bessa

Alps at their very best – You can’t fit more summer into your holiday

3rd place: Eva-Maria Bürgler

Tourism Destination - Cities

Cannes is Still Standing

1st place: Aliki Heinrich

Linz is Linz

2nd place: Elisabeth Stephan

3 Bielsko-Biala. A City in the Mountains. Here You Want to Live”

3rd place: Ewa Kozak

Tourism Destination - Regions

Peloponnese, Greece beyond the obvious

1st place: Vasiliki Peppa

Just Between Us

2nd place: Adriana Rodrigues

Be thrilled in every step

3rd place: Trini Rodríguez

Tourism Services

Kobarid Museum

1st place: Tadej Gorzeti

Future Looks Bright – Anemos Luxury Grand Resort

2nd place: Chrysa Iliaki

Hotel Bohinj – Meet Your Spirit

3rd place: Tadej Gorzeti

Eco Lodges Japan in Yukigun

4th place: Ken Fujino

Tourism Destination - Countries

Azerbaijan. Where culture meets adventure

1st place: Fidan Aliyeva

Holiday Here This Year – Epic Holidays

2nd place: Will Cook

Discover Winter Love on Holiday in Austria

3rd place: Melanie Bergauer

Travel Video Marketing

Life in Supercells Timelapse & Hyperlapse

1st place: Kirill Neiezhmakov

MY YEAR 2021

2nd place: Alen Tkalcec

Macao Heartbeats

3rd place: Sergio Basto Perez