Rules & Regulations

The Rules and Regulations are issued in English.
Please fill in the entry form very carefully. The details provided will be used for the trophies, certificates, other Festival listings and promo material. Once the entry form has been submitted, changes are not possible.
Films taking part in the Festival Competition should meet the following requirements:

  • Film production has to be completed after January 1st, 2019 (inclusive).
  • The total duration of the film cannot exceed the respective duration according to the Production Type.
  • The films should be in their original language with English Subtitles, if the original language is not English.
  • Applicants should fill in all the required fields of the entry form.
  • Registrations cannot be annulled.


There is a 60€ participation fee for the 14th edition of Amorgos Film Festival. (45€ Earlybird offer until 15th of April 2023)

The films should be uploaded in the best technical quality on a server shared by the organizers. In justified cases, the film should be sent to the Festival Office; shipping costs shall be borne by the entrant.

Payments required for participation to the Festival events and gala have to be made in euro by bank transfer or by credit card.

No unsubscribe and refund can be done.


Amorgos Film Festival accepts films from Greece and countries around the world.

The winners of the Competition will be notified by 15th of September 2023 and awarded on the 16th of November 2023 in Amorgos, by the international jury committee.


- Long documentaries
- Short documentaries

Short films

Travel Video Marketing Section

Production Type accepted:

  • TV Commercials Video advertising up to 1 '
  • Brand / Promotional Videos for Digital media up to 3'
  • Brand / Promotional Videos for Digital media up to 7'
  • Brand / Promotional Videos for Digital media up to 15'
  • Tourism Video Campaigns / Video Travel Series
  • Tourism Promotional Video Animation up to 5'

Thematic categories accepted:

  • Tourism Destinations
  1. City
  2. Region
  3. Country
  • Tourism Services
  1. Hotels and Resorts
  2. Other Tourism Services (Air Transport Services; Maritime Transport services; Restaurants; Tourism Entertainment; Tour Operators; Rent-a-car; Sightseeing; Tour Guiding; Cruises)
  • Tourism Products
  1. Gastronomy or Food Tourism
  2. Wine Tourism
  3. Cultural Tourism
  4. Sports, Health and Wellness Tourism
  5. Other Tourism Products (Eco-Tourism; Religious tourism; Shopping tourism; Cruise tourism; MICE, incentives, congresses and events; Medical tourism; Rural tourism)

TV Section

Production Type accepted:

  • Travel TV show up to 25'

Thematic categories accepted:

  • Travel TV show

Independent Travel Videos Section

Production Type accepted:

  • Independent Travel Video up to 10'
  • Independent Travel Video up to 25'

Thematic categories accepted:

  • Independent Travel Video (Videos about Cities, Regions and Countries Produced by Independent filmmakers and Video Bloggers; Travel TV reportages)



All entries should reach the organizers no later than July 15th 2023. 

Each submission has to be accompanied by:

  • The Film
  • Promotional material of the Film (photos, posters, trailer, etc.)
  • Director’s photo

Please ensure that all requested materials for each of the films entered accompany the submission. The films enrolled in the Festival must have at least the following or similar requirements:

Full HD (1920x1080 pixels), 16:9
HD (1080x720 pixels), 16:9
PAL (720x576), 4:3

Video codec: H.264
Audio codec: AAC

No copy protection + no loop

Delete all region and security codes

By entering a film at the Festival the entrant declares, that he is entitled to dispose of all rights to the use of the entry and vouches for these rights vis-a-vis the Festival. The entrant warrants that the rights of use held by all authors, owners of ancillary copyrights and other parties involved in the production of the Festival entry, except for the rights safeguarded by the performing rights societies, have been acquired in a due and proper manner and the exploitation of the festival entry is not barred by personality rights or other third party rights in any manner whatsoever.
The Festival has the right to reject any material that does not align with the character and objectives of its program.

All submitted films, entry forms and promotional material become the property of the Festival and are kept in the Festival’s archive.
The Amorgos Film Festival reserves the right to screen all the films submitted, specifically the right to present and demonstrate the film in public either in whole or in part or to use the entry in part on a "Festival Reel" or similar, to the festival. This also applies to stills/images provided to the festival. All aforementioned transfers of use shall be of worldwide validity.

The films to be awarded are selected by the International Jury on the basis of the Following criteria’s:

What you feel when you first view the Entry. Does the video evoke an emotion from the viewer? Does the video engage you from the onset or does it lose momentum?
How the Entrant was able to convey their idea, message or thought in an original and imaginative way through their lens, narrative, performance, etc.
How the Entrant is able to showcase their personal originality and technique to influence how the video is presented and interpreted.
Subject Matter
Was the subject matter addressed in the narrative, performance and music (if applicable) in the video appropriately represent the Sponsor’s promotional theme?
Story Telling
How the Entrant is able to let their Video Entry evoke the viewer’s imagination, which may differ by each viewer. Is the story being told the right story for the Sponsor and their brand?

Each criteria is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10 points.

The jury and the organizer may select additional entries for special recognition. Decisions of the jury and the Festival Organization are final and not subject to any legal appeal.

The International Jury will decide to attribute awards to the best films of the competitions.
2nd and 3rd Prize may be awarded in each category.
The Grand Prix (Best Film of The Festival) is selected among the 1st Prize Winners.
trophies and diplomas can be ordered and purchased at any time.
Winners who cannot attend the Festival and wish to receive their trophy after the Festival, must inform the organization and pay the respective shipping costs.


CIFFT Rankings

Amorgos Film Festival is an official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) and integrates the CIFFT Circuit, a year-long competition that rewards the best tourism videos and ads worldwide.

Winners of the international competition automatically score for the CIFFT Rankings, an exclusive reference that honors the most creative and effective audiovisual productions from the Tourism Industry.

At the end of the year, the CIFFT Rankings determine the World’s Best Tourism Films in five categories:

- Tourism Destinations – Cities
- Tourism
Destinations – Regions
- Tourism Destinations – Countries
- Tourism Products
- Tourism
- The rating is expressed on a scale from 4 to 18. The film receives points according to the award obtained at each festival.

Special notes:

- All the winners in the international competitions of the CIFFT Circuit Festivals are eligible for the CIFFT Rankings. If the festival has a National Competition, only the Grand Prix Winner will score for the Rankings.
In case a video receives more than one award, only the highest award will be considered for the Rankings.
- The CIFFT Rankings will be updated and published on the CIFFT website, as authorized by each entrant, the week after the Award Ceremony of each festival.

You can check the CIFFT Rankings here.


For more information about CIFFT Circuit and the CIFFT Rankings, please contact [email protected].



The Art Director of the Festival reserves the right to determine the Festival's program and make changes if necessary.

The Organizing Committee decides and is responsible for the film screening schedule (day and hour) during the Festival.

The Festival reserves the right to reclassify Festival entries into other categories where this is deemed appropriate.

The Festival does not accept any responsibility for entries which are classified in the wrong category or arrive at the Festival office subsequent to the deadline specified.

The Festival's liability is confined to intent or grossly negligent conduct, which applies specifically in the event of loss or damage of an entry.

The Festival organization does not accept any responsibility for the cancellation of the Festival due to force majeure.


The use of any recording device in the Festival venue without the prior consent of the Organizing Committee is strictly forbidden.

Parts of the event will be recorded. The Organizing Committee is not liable for any claims resulting from members of the audience or artists appearing in the recordings.

The Festival reserves the right to compile entries on a "Festival Reel" or similar, also in processed form, and to distribute same on a medium deemed appropriate by the Festival. This also applies to stills/images provided to the Festival.

Submission of the entry form to the Amorgos Film Festival implies unconditional acceptance of the present regulations.

The Festival reserves the right to use all recordings taken at the Festival for any promotional purpose in any medium deemed appropriate by the Festival.

The Festival reserves the right to exclude entries from the competition.

The Festival will not sell or rent personal data provided by you.

By entering a Festival entry the entrant accepts all Rules and Regulations and also agrees to hold the Festival harmless against all costs or claims of third parties arising from any such use by the Festival or from false information by the entrant.