Amorgos Film Festival

The Festival

The International Amorgos Film Festival is an annual four-day event co-organized by the Amorgos Cultural Women Association and the Municipality of Amorgos. It started in 2010 during the 8th International Congress of Culture and Tourism YPERIA and is held continuously since then, on an annual basis, presenting several hunders of new films each year.

The Amorgos Film Festival is a member of the international organization CIFFT, based in Vienna. During the festival there are daily projections at Aegialis Hotel & Spa where the festival takes place and in 4 different locations of Amorgos. Each year, it awards the best choices of documentaries, and travel films, that contribute to the development of domestic and foreign tourism and to the implementation of green practices. The main purpose of the Festival is to create an international platform for enhancing global tourism through audiovisual media.

The Festival aims:

  • To contribute to the development of domestic and foreign tourism.
  • To disseminate and encourage the implementation of green practices in tourism, taking into account the need for social responsibility and sustainable development.
  • Encourage the production of short films and develop a spirit of friendship and cooperation among producers from all over the world.
  • The festival also aims to contribute to the exchange of views and experiences for the development of remote and disadvantaged areas and to promote Amorgos, the Cyclades, and Greece abroad.
  • Short films are a good opportunity to showcase the cultural and environmental wealth of each region.

The participation and presentation of artists, producers and journalists from all over the world is growing year by year. With films, announcements, articles, photos and interviews that are published in foreign and domestic media each year, after the meeting in Amorgos, our sites are being promoted, and they help the increase of the visitation of land, not simply for tourist but also for professional and creative reasons. Greece and its islands become a place of inspiration and attraction for new creations.

The Festival contributes to the development of new collaborations based on the island of Amorgos and Greece. There are already many productions of films by foreign artists who participated in the Amorgos Festival, got inspired by the natural landscape and the history of the island and created films that are screened and participating in other festivals abroad.



Amorgos Film Festival accepts films from Greece and countries around the world.

The winners of the Competition will be notified by 15th of September 2023 and awarded on the 16th of November 2023 in Amorgos, by the international jury committee.


– Long documentaries
– Short documentaries

Short films

Travel Video Marketing Section

Production Type accepted:

  • TV Commercials Video advertising up to 1 ‘
  • Brand / Promotional Videos for Digital media up to 3′
  • Brand / Promotional Videos for Digital media up to 7′
  • Brand / Promotional Videos for Digital media up to 15′
  • Tourism Video Campaigns / Video Travel Series
  • Tourism Promotional Video Animation up to 5′

Thematic categories accepted:

  • Tourism Destinations
  1. City
  2. Region
  3. Country
  • Tourism Services
  1. Hotels and Resorts
  2. Other Tourism Services (Air Transport Services; Maritime Transport services; Restaurants; Tourism Entertainment; Tour Operators; Rent-a-car; Sightseeing; Tour Guiding; Cruises)
  • Tourism Products
  1. Gastronomy or Food Tourism
  2. Wine Tourism
  3. Cultural Tourism
  4. Sports, Health and Wellness Tourism
  5. Other Tourism Products (Eco-Tourism; Religious tourism; Shopping tourism; Cruise tourism; MICE, incentives, congresses and events; Medical tourism; Rural tourism)

TV Section

Production Type accepted:

  • Travel TV show up to 25′

Thematic categories accepted:

  • Travel TV show

Independent Travel Videos Section

Production Type accepted:

  • Independent Travel Video up to 10′
  • Independent Travel Video up to 25′

Thematic categories accepted:

  • Independent Travel Video (Videos about Cities, Regions and Countries Produced by Independent filmmakers and Video Bloggers; Travel TV reportages)