Press Release 2018



The women Cultural Association of  Amorgos, The Municipality of Amorgos, and Aegialis Hotel & Spa are pleased to announce the 16th Amorgos Convention of Culture & Tourism - “YPERIA 2018” and  the  9th Amorgos Film Festival which will be held on the Greek island of Amorgos from the 31st  of October to the 5th of November 2018.  The Convention is supported and sponsored by the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT), the Ministry of the Aegean and Island Policy, the District of South Aegean and the  Municipality of Amorgos.

The Convention aims to promote the culture and sustainable tourism, to preserve the environment locally and internationally, to promote Amorgos, the Cyclades Region and Greece.

The main goal of Amorgos Film Festival is to set up an international platform encouraging global tourism through audio-visual media and is a member of CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals) based in Vienna.

The “17th Amorgos Convention of Culture & Tourism” is dedicated to” Cultural Environment” and will focus on Gastronomy, Ecology, Rural Amorgos, Architecture and Unesco.

The 10th Amorgos Film Festival - is dedicated to the French director Luc Besson for making Amorgos famous and known around the world through his film "Big Blue".

Its topic is:“Cinema - A Challenge for local Promotion & Economic Development":

  • The Role of Cinema & Film Festivals for National & International promotions  
  • “Film tourism in Greece: The economical & legal possibilities for investing in a film production in Greece”. Greek Film Commission
  • Film Academy/seminar for future producers and film makers.

The Film Festival Jury consists of an International team.

During the Convention, participants will discover the island of Amorgos, walk the ancient trails, collect aromatic herbs from the mountains, visit the distillery of essential oils, taste local products, attend traditional celebrations and see the work of various artists through exhibitions.

For submission of Films and participation,  please visit: