Amorgos International Film Festival takes place in Amorgos from November 4th to November 9th at the Aegialis Hotel and Spa! We believe that Art and Culture Festivals are living organizations which are addressed to everyone and belong to everyone of all ages, to artists or not artists.

So we enrich the events, and our goal is the "participation" of everyone in our festival, starting from the local community of Amorgos, the Cyclades, Greece, and the world. Participation can be achieved in many ways. With ideas that enable the expression online or live. So simple, by answering a question.

"Home" is one such feature:
Who is the most appropriate to tell us,
What is "Home"?
The one who has a skyscraper in New York
or a homeless person?
A Bedouin or a migratory bird?
A prison or a hug?
A shelter or a nest?

1. What does "home" mean to you?
2. Where is your "Home"?

CAUTION: We do not ask for your address - let the heart answer!