Program – 2014

The program of the 12th International Convention of Sustainable Tourism, for Preservation and Protection of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Amorgos – YPERIA has been organize in such a way that participants can discover the island natural beauty but also its traditions and specificities.

Following YPERIA 2014 program participants would be invited to walk the ancient hiking paths, visit historical monuments, collect the famous aromatic herbs from the mountains, visit a distillery laboratory as well as a blacksmith, discover a traditional olive/grape press,  enjoys local products, meet some Amorgian artists and spend typical Greek evenings..

Please consider some changes might occur. In that case, you’ll be informed and it’ll be uploaded on our site immediately.


17:30 Departure from Piraeus port, with Blue Star Ferries. Arrival in Amorgos at the port of Aegiali at 01:30.
Transfer to hotel Aegialis Hotel & Spa. Welcome drink and snack.

08:00-09:45 Breakfast.
10.00 Departure to Arkesini village
10.50 Visit to the Ancient tower of Agia Triada, the best-preserved watch tower in the Cyclades from the Hellenistic period.
11.20 Departure from Agia Triada
11.30 Visit to the old blacksmith of Mr. Prasinou in Arkesini.
12.00 Visit to the new blacksmith of Mr. Kovaios in Arkesini
12.30 Departure to the Cinematographic Club in Vroutsi.
12.45 Lunch in the yard of the Cinematographic Club in Vroutsi
13.30 Opening of the 5th International Short Tourism Film Festival in Vroutsi. Welcome by the host of the Cinematographic club of Amorgos, Mr. Peppas. Film screening.
15.30 Departure to Agios Georgos Valsamitis byzantine monastery built on the ruins of an ancient water oracle dedicated to Apollon.
16.00 Visit to Agios Georgos Valsamitis - Coffee break
16.45 Departure to Aegialis Hotel & Spa
19.00 Visit to Lalon Idor SPA.
19.30 Photo exhibition by Markos Loudaros. Marble exhibition by Nikos Karpouzis.
20.15 Welcoming Speeches
20.30 Speeches
• "Chozoviotissa Monastery in picture” by Klairi Moustafellou - Photographer

• "MediterraNew: Investigating NEW sustainable models to endorse the Mediterranean heritage - 1st Workshop on Amorgos” by Giorgio Martino - Architect, Founder of MediterraNew and Professor in Interior & Event Design Planning at the Design European Institute of Milano
• “The importance of Short Tourism Film Festival” by Mr Nikolai Makarov, film director and Irina Arhipova - General Director, "FARAON" Historic Film Studio and General Director of the Art-Sport-Tour International Film Festival "GOLDEN PEAK" .
• “We are all Greeks” by Adriana Pavin - Journalist & Political representative of Milano
21.15 Dinner at Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant

08:00-09:15 Breakfast.
09.30 Departure to Lagada village
09.40 Walk & visit to Epanochoriani church
10.30 Departure to Lagada village
10.45 Visit to the Amorgiano Farm of Panagiotis Maroulis, organic agricultural products.
11.15 Visit to Vangelis Vassalos essential oils distillery.
11.45 Coffee break to Pergalidi Café-Bar
12.15 Visit to the traditional olive/grape press of Dimitris Nomikos
12.45 Visit to Iamata Shop – Herbs, aromatherapy oils and soaps from Amorgos.
13.00 Walk (or not) to Tholaria village.
14.15 Lunch at Tholaria village with traditional dancing.
15.30 Departure to Aegialis Hotel & Spa
16.00 Films projections of the 5th International Short Tourism Film Festival at Aegialis Hotel & Spa
18.15 Exhibition of needle work by local women. Ceramic exhibition by Manolis Loudaros.
19.00 Speeches
• “International appeal to Unesco for the protection of Greek cultural heritage” by Eleni Methodiou - Archaeologist, Expert of the European Union.
• "The great Festival of the 15th August at Panohoriani church and its importance for Amorgos Island in the Cyclades" by Eleni S. Papadopoulou – Architect & Human Geographer (E.H.E.S.S)
• "Think Global/Act Local" by John Driedonks - Senior lecturer multimedia journalism, School of Journalism, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences
• "Maritime tourism and its impact upon societies and economies of the islands" by Maria Lekakou – Associate Professor Department of Shipping Trade and Transport
• "Cultural Structures in the Periphery: The way for sustainable development in the rural areas of Greece
Ecomuseum of Agricultural Life in Mountainous Rethymno-KOURITIA ODOS" by Vivianna Metallinou – Architect, Architecture Critic, Environment Historian
21.15 Dinner at Lakki Restaurant

08:00-09:15 Breakfast.
09.30 Departure to Chozoviotissa
10.00 Stop in Chora for those who want to walk and use the old path to reach Chozoviotissa Monastery.
10.20 Visit to the Byzantine Monastery of Chozoviotissa.
11.00 Departure to Chora village, capital of Amorgos
11.15 Visit and guidance to the Archaeological Museum. Walk through the picturesque cobbled alleys.
12.00 Coffee break in Jazzmin Cafe – Bar.
12.30 Departure to Katapola.
12.45 Visit to Agios Georgios church
13.15 Visit to Nontas Biological Garden and lunch.
14.00 Free time to visit Katapola
14.45 Departure to Aegialis Hotel & Spa
16.00 Films projections of the 5th International Short Tourism Film Festival at Aegialis Hotel & Spa
18.30 Speeches
• "Hiking Trail Networks: Economic, Social and Environmental benefits of the most inexpensive investment in tourism" by Fivos Tsaravopoulos MSc Environment and Resource Management Paths of Greece
• "Back to nature: prospects and propositions for the island" by Lonais Jaillais - European Mountain Leader, Watersports & Nature Guide
• “Natural Farming” by Giorgos Koutroubas – Farmer, graphist and artist
• "Combating crisis with new skills and innovative initiatives. Part I: Towards a new approach: Agri-Cult-Tourism" by Nikos Goumenakis - Partner of CulturePolis NGO
• "Combating crisis with new skills and innovative initiatives Part II: Funding sources for innovative initiatives" by Vassilis Laopodis - Founder & President of CulturePolis NGO.
21.00 Dinner at Panorama Tavern

08:00-09:15 Breakfast.
09.30 Departure to Aegiali port
09.45 Visit to Anna Synodinos ceramic workshop
11.00 Departure to the uninhabited agricultural village of Asfondilitis.
11.15 Visit to Asfondilitis, meeting farmers.
12.15 Walk to Potamos village (or not) with Lonais Jaillais
14.00 Boat ride from Aegiali port
14.30 Lunch at the tavern To limani tis kyra Katinas
15.30 Departure to Aegialis Hotel & Spa
16.00 Films projections of the 5th International Short Tourism Film Festival at Aegialis Hotel & Spa
18.30 Speeches
• "Docroads - My own Amorgos " by George Kalomenopoulos - Producer,Media journalist and CEO of 2K Films Agency
• “Express Scopelitis” by Manoli Kazamia - Scenograph and producer
• “Yoga & Ecotourism: benefits for Greece ” by Sonia Delabre - Yoga and singing teacher, retreat holiday organizer
20.00 Announcement of the winners of the 5th International Short Tourism Film Festival - Certificates of participation.
20:30 Cocktail party at Aegialis Hotel & Spa terrace. Concert of Russian singers - Marina Vialkova, Alena Vialkova and Daria Belova
21.15 Farewell dinner at Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant. Greek night with live music by violin and lute.

06:00 Early Breakfast
06:30 Transfer to the port of Aegiali for departure by Blue Star ferry, at 06:55.