Speakers – 2013

The speakers of YPERIA 2013 came from different countries: France, Greece, Italy and United Kingdom. All made successful presentations of their works and studies.

Some of the sessions directly pointed out different current projects on Amorgos regarding alternative tourism, cultural heritage management as well as the important project of inclusion of the 1000-year-old Byzantine Monastery of Virgin Mary Hozoviotissa in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

All the YPERIA 2013 sessions took place at Aegialis Hotel & Spa with free admission.



Irene Giannakopoulos - Greece

President of the Cultural Association and owner of Aegialis Hotel & Spa

Nikos Goumenakis - Greece

Partner of CulturePolis NGO
"Technology and cultural heritage"

Dr. Vassileos Laopodis - Greece

CulturePolis NGO - Founder & President.
"Management of Cultural Heritage: applying the methodology SUSTCULT a sustainable perspective"

Eleni Methodiou - Greece

Archaeologist, Expert of the European Union
"Convention of UNESCO on
the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage - listing of monuments in the World Heritage

Giorgio Martino - Italy

Architect, Founder of MediterraNew and Professor in Interior & Event Design Planning at the Design European Institute of Milano

"MediterraNew: Investigating NEW sustainable models to endorse the Mediterranean heritage - Architectural Summer School in Amorgos”

Lonaïs Jaillais - France

Professional Mountain & Nature Guide
" Amorgos Trees: a symbol for the challenges and tribulations of a Mediterranean island "

Alison Womack – United Kingdom

Member of the Cultural Association and former manager for radiology services
"Ecology and Sustainable Development. Their place in Tourism”

Vivianna Matellinou - Greece

Architect, Architecture Critic, Environmental Historian
"Walk the Blue - the paths initiative to revitalize the rural environment
of Amorgos."