Program – 2013

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The convention is held under the patronage and support of E.O.T, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Marine and Aegean.
It is also held under the auspices of HATTA and the Municipality of Amorgos.

For any small change in the program, you will be informed immediately.

The empty time between the Congress is free to use the thalassotherapy center “speaketh Water» SPA (sauna, hammam, Jacuzzi, indoor saltwater pool, gym).
For facial and body is a special discount of 15%.



17:30 Departure from Piraeus port, with Blue Star Ferries. Arrival on Amorgos, at the port of Aegiali, at 01:30am.
Transfer to hotels “Lakki Village” & “Aegialis Hotel & Spa”. Welcome drink and snack.

8:00 – 9:30 Breakfast
10:00 Departure by bus to Arkesini area. Visit to the Hellenistic Tower of Holy Trinity, guidance by the archaeologist Mr.George Gavalas. Departure to the Cinematographic Club of Amorgos, in Vroutsi village.
12:00 Opening of the 4th International Short Tour Film Festival of Amorgos. Welcome by the host of the film club of Amorgos, Mr. Anastasios Peppas. Presentation of the Amorgos festival by Mrs.Argyro Mesimeri, director of the film archive of Thessaloniki Festival.
Presentation of “Psarokokalo” International Athens Film Festival on Amorgos, by its Creative Director, Mr.Tatiana Koumoutsi. Film screenings.
13:30 Break for coffee and snack
14:00 Continuation of film screenings from Athens Film Festival “Psarokokalo” and from Drama Short Film Festival.
15:00 Departure for the hotel, with a stop on the way to the Monastery of St.George Valsamitis, built on the ruins of an ancient Water Oracle. Lunch in its courtyard.
19:00 Coffee time at Aegialis Hotel & Spa lounge. Visit and guidance to “Lalon Idor Spa” of the hotel, an alternative therapies center.
Photo Exhibition with landscapes of Amorgos, by 7 international photographers. Presentation of Cycladic sculptures, by Mr.Nikos Karpouzis, artist-sculptor.
Painting exhibition by Gallery “Art Prisma”. Painting exhibition by Judy Atwood.
20:00 Welcome by the president of the association and hostess of “Aegialis Hotel & Spa”, Mrs.Irene Giannakopoulos. Greeting from the Mayor of Amorgos, Mr.Nikitas Roussos.
20:45 "The contribution of movies in the promotion and development of a site" by Mrs. Argiro Mesimeri, director of the film archive of Thessaloniki Festival.
21:00 “Regional festivals: an additional perspective for Culture and Tourism” by Mr. Notis Forsos, film critic & representative of Thessaloniki Film Festival.
21:15 Dinner at “Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant” of Aegialis Hotel & Spa.

8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast.

09:10 Departure to Lagada village. Walk to Panagia Epanochoriani, Where the icons of Hozoviotissa Monastery will be. On the way, enjoy the fragrant herbs of Amorgos. Return to Lagada, following the procession of the icons. Visit to the distillery of essential oils from Amorgian herbs, an Amorgian house and to St. Sophia Church.
11:30 Relaxation with coffee, courtesy of “Tratarisma” patisserie.
12:30 Visit to Tholaria village. Those who like walking can take the traditional path from Lagada.
14:00 Departure for Lunch by the beach, offered by “Lakki village” tavern, with traditional dishes.

16:00 – 18:00 Film projections of the 4th International Tour Film Festival of Amorgos at Aegialis Hotel & Spa.
18:30 Coffee break. Exhibition of traditional needlework by the women of Aegiali (Irene Vasalou & Pothiti Mendrinou).
19:00 “Technology and Cultural Heritage” by Mr.Nikos Goumenakis, co-operator of Culture Polis NGO.
19:30 “Cultural Heritage Management: applying SUSTCULT methodology for a sustainable perspective” by Dr.Vasilis Laopodis, founder of Culture Polis.
20:00 “The trees of Amorgos: a symbol for the challenges and tribulations of a Mediterranean island”, by Lonais Jaillais, professional guide in the mountains and the nature.
20:15 “Walk The Blue: initiative to revitalize the rural area of Amorgos through the old paths ” Slow Food International Award” by Vivianna A. Metallinou, architect.
20:30 “Ecology and Sustainable ways of development. Their influence in tourism” by Mrs. Alison Womack.
21:00 Dinner, compliments of the traditional tavern “Chondros”, by the beach of Aegiali.

8:00 – 9:15 Breakfast.
09:30 Departure to visit the 1000 year old Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa and its Byzantine Museum.
12:00 Departure for Chora, the capital of Amorgos. Visit and quidance to the Archaeological Museum. Walk through the picturesque cobbled alleys.
13:00 Lunch in Chora, compliments of local professionals.
14:30 Departure to the hotel.
16:00 Film projections of the 4th International Short Tour Film Festival of Amorgos, at Aegialis Hotel & Spa.
18:30 Assembly of delicates for coffee.
19:00 “UNESCO on the way to meet the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa” - by Mr.Dimitris Pikionis, architect (PMP Partners – Perroti-Martino-Pikionis)
19:30 “MediterraNew: Development projects for the communication and promotion of cultural heritage and landscape in the Mediterranean basin”, by the Italian architect and representative of UNESCO, Mr. George Martino and the Greek architect Mrs.Vivianna Metallinou.
20:00 “UNESCO’s agreement for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage-rules for enrolment of monuments in the World Heritage List”, by Mrs Eleni Methodiou, archeologist, specialist of European Union.
21:00 Dinner at Tholaria village, compliments of the traditional “Panorama” tavern, with live local music.

8:00 – 9:45 Breakfast
10:00 Departure for Potamos village. Visit to the church of Assumption, for the farewell of the icons of Panagia Hozoviotissa, which will proceed to the Monastery on foot, through the old path of Aegiali-Chora. For those who like walking, it is 4hours hike.

11:30 Visit to uninhabited village of Asfodilitis, a place of architectural workshop of the International Institute for dry stone wall building of Mediterranean & the summer school of Architectural planning MediterraNew.
Visit to the complex of wells and the rock carvings.
13:00 Boat ride, compliments of local fishermen, within the port of Aegiali.
13:30 Lunch - courtesy of the tavern “Kyra Katina” at Aegiali port. Return to the hotel
16:00 -18:00 Film projections of the 4th International Short Tour Film Festival of Amorgos, at Aegialis Hotel & Spa
18:00 Coffee break.
18:30 Assembly of participants. Discussion on the convention topics.
Announcement of the winners of the Film Festival - Certificates of participation.
20:00 Cocktail party at Aegialis Hotel & Spa terrace. “The Aegean tradition and the dance of Ballos”, by Mr.Ilias Kapetanakis, journalist.
Farewell dinner at “Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant” of Aegialis Hotel.
Greek night with live music by violin and lute.

04:00 Early Breakfast.
04:45 Transfer to the port of Katapola for departure by Blue Star ferry, at 06:00am.