Cultural Association of Amorgos Women

Established in 1993, the Cultural Association of Amorgos Women was created by women from the island in order to showcase, convey and protect the culture, traditions and environment of Amorgos and the Cyclades Islands.

The Association consists of 45 members; the Board consists of 5 members, who are elected every two years. Action is mostly applied on voluntary basis. Two secretaries will do all the office work.
The annual funding is raised through membership fees, private donations and sponsorships. Depending on the yearly activities and the amount of money needed, the Association receives financial support from the Greek Ministry of Culture as well as from the European funds for culture, music & film festivals, exhibitions, conventions and other events, organized in co-operation with the Municipality.


  • Organization for 19 years from 2003 to 2021 of the International Conference on Culture and Tourism YPERIA
  • Organization of the Amorgos Tourism Film Festival since 2010
  • Participation to the program LEADER PLUS to create an book and a documentary "Meeting the Big Blue, Amorgos: Portrait of an Island", which took part in many Tourism Film festivals abroad.
  • Volunteering actions to clean the beaches and ancient pathes of Amorgos.
  • Campaign in the schools about recycling.
  • Concerts of classical music with the help of the Octet String Orchestra of Athens and its maestro Pantelis Despotidis.
  • Contribution to European Energy Week by organizing seminar or colloquium with issues related to environmental protection and alternative energy.
  • Organizing event on Women's Day with speeches on the contribution of women as mother, wife, worker.
  • Creation of a dance group with children.
  • Creation of 12 traditional Amorgian costumes for 6 couples to present traditional dances.
  • Artistic exhibition and book lending library.
  • Organization of street theater performances and Shadow Theatre
  • Participation to the Pancycladic Convention of Women's Associations.
  • Organization in Amorgos of the 4th Pancycladic Convention of Women's Associations.
  • Promotion of various cultural and folklore events of Amorgos to different medias.
  • Participation to the campaign to improve the medical staff of the Health Centre of Amorgos.
  • A founding member of the federation of Women Cycladic Associations.
  • Founder of Gastronomy Club of Amorgos.