Movies – 2014

CRETE: ALL THE WORLD ON ONE ISLAND Directed by Theo Papadoulakis, Indigo Productions
Greece, 2013, 06’17”, Promotional spot

Crete offers a huge variety of filming locations: snowy mountains, unspoiled beaches, Venetian ports and ancient monuments.


KNOYDART – THE LAST WILDERNESS Directed by Rupert Shanks
Scotland, 2013, 7’00, Short Documentary

The Knoydart Peninsula is often called Britain’s last great wildness. This film gives insight into life on Knoydart from local people. Their values are shaped by their wild location, highlighted by the local fresh food, culture.

SOUS L’EAU Directed by Jean-Julien Pous
South Korea, 2010 , 06’32”, Culture & People

An experimental journey through Seoul.


INTO THE CAVES OF WONDERS Directed by Manuel Benito de Valle
Spain, 2014, 08’06”, Short documentary

A glimpse at one of the most beautiful miracles of nature: the cave of wonders in Aracena (Andalusia). From its unfathomable beginning millions of years ago to nowadays.


Serbia, 2013, 5’15”, Promotional spot


TRAVEL EXPRESS Directed by Natasa Xydi
Greece, 2013, 23′, Fiction Culture & People

Margarita is on her way to taking a holiday on a Greek island. When she misses the boat she finds herself traveling much further away…


VILLAGE CULTURE IN ITILLEQ Directed by Humbi Entress, MMP Films
Greenland, 2012, 2’14, Short documentary

This is life in a small village just north of the Arctic Circle. This is Greenland. Rough. Real. Remote.


ABOUT NDUGU Directed by David Munoz
Spain, 2013, 15′, Fiction People & Culture

NDUGU receives a letter from his new foster father in America, Mr. Schmidt (played by Jack Nicholson in “About Schmidt”), who just lost his wife. NDUGU will search for a new wife for him. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————- 

MICHAEL POLLAN’S FOOD RULES Directed by Marija Jacimovic & Benoit Detalle
Romania, 20’Serbia, 2012, 2’13”, Animation

A short stop-motion film illustrating the importance of healthy eating and of a healthy planet. With the wise and simple words of award-winning author, journalist and food activist Michael Pollan.

MY NAME IS BISA Directed by Gordana Momčilović
Serbia, 2013, 17′, Documentary

Schools, tourists, all come and go, visit Sremski Karlovci for a couple of hours and leave the town. A woman born and raised in Sremski Karlovci explains what makes this town so special and why one should stay longer and take the time to experience the place.


Poland, 2013, 1′, Animation


TUMMO Directed by Anastasia Morozova
Russia, 6′

THE STONE OF ANCIENT DREAMER 2 Directed by Nebojsa Ilic
Serbia, 2010, 22′, Documentary

Everyone wants to asserts themselves in the world and leave some trace, as a testimony that they ever existed and fulfilled their lives. The Ancient Dreamer’s Stone 2 is a motion picture on the Genesis, Mission and Sanctification of the unique Serbian painter Bratislav Bata Andjelkovic.

CRETE: INCREDIBLE HOSPITALITY Directed by Theo Papadoulakis, Indigo Productions
Greece, 2013, 2’30, Promotional Spot

Watching a painting in a Gallery, a man remembers his incredible experience of Cretian hospitality.


CRETE: INCREDIBLE HISTORY Directed by Theo Papadoulakis Indigo Productions
Greece, 2013, 2’10, Promotional Spot

A woman enters a Chinese restaurant. The waitress suddently starts taking pictures of her. She looks like the fresco from Cnossos “Ladies in Blue”

ALLE CASE BIANCHE Directed by Pierluca Ditano
Italy, 2012, 23′, Documentary

Puglia. The landscape around Casa Bianche, old cottages on the sea, has changed over the last ten years. The voices of people describe the transformation due to tourism. The story of an area wounded in its heritage and culture.


THE PEAK Directed by Christian Mülhauser
Switzerland, 2013, 4’15, Timelaps

A time-lapse video about the most famous Swiss Moutain the Matterhorn.

Mexico, 2011, 5’18, Documentary

A movie that illustrate why Mexico is excelling as a premier sustainable tourism destination, working to foster culture, community & environmental conservation.


SALT, OLIVE, STONE Directed by Branko Vilus
Croatia, 2013, 20′, Documentary

The noise and trash of a vacationist country on the peak of touristic season ready to exploit all options for quick profit.. A few miles away, people collect salt, pick olives and built stonewall in harmony with nature. An ode to the work, nature and silence – what we have already forgotten.


AURORA Directed by Christian Mülhauser
Switzerland, 2013, 3’11, Timelaps

A time-lapse video about the magical dance of light by the Aurora Borealis.


SOCHI 2014 Directed by Eugenii Vitruk
Russia, 10’, 2014

DEFINITILY DUBAI Directed by Babak Amini, Eclipse Production Dubai
United Arab Emirates, 2013, 9′, Promotional Film

The film is a roller coaster of emotional experiences, opening with a poetical journey through time showcasing heritage and culture then followed by elaborate set pieces to describe the vibrancy that Dubai city can offer

JUSTINO’S MADEIRA – NOT EASY TO MAKE WINES LIKE THIS Directed by Angelo Silva, Nirvana Studios
Portugal, 2013, 07’53”, Promotional film

Making wines need knowledge, experience and a lot of dedication. Justino‘s Madeira wines, S.A, has been producing wines since 1870, being one of the eldest producing and exporting companies with its wine’s quality recognized.


I AM VERACRUZ Directed by Willy Sousa
Mexico, 2012, 4’, Promotional Film

A video that celebrates national holidays and traditions that gives the identity of Veracruz state in Mexico. A multicultural and full of artistic expressions state inherited from its Pre-hispanic cultures.


THE LAST RAFTER Directed by Drago Toroman
Croatia, 2013, 18′, Documentary

The film follows the last log floater, Fikret, on the river Tara in Montenegro, wild and very dangerous. It has a composition of one day in Fikret’s life, marked by one dilemma – should he abandon the family traditionand a heritage which is hundred years old, leave the hard physical work on a log or continu no matter what?


KOTOR FOR ALL SEASONS Directed by Dušan Vuleković
Montenegro, 2013, 8′, Promotional film

A journey through pictoresque seasons of Kotor and Kotor bay.

BIKING ON THE GREENLANDIC ICE CAP Directed by Humbi Entress, MMP Films
Greenland, 2012, 2’22, Nature

An epic trip in Arctic Circle, Greenland. First days camping right by the Greenlandic Ice Cap, at Russell Glacier, hiking on the ice and watching, Petr Kraus, a Red Bull Trial Biker, go crazy on the wild landscapes.

INCREDIBLE INDIA Directed by Prakash R. Varma
India, 2013, 3’08”, Promotional film

India is a land of rich and vibrant colours, tastes, sounds and smells. A girl finds her spirit entrained in the essence of this great nation.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

SECOND WIND Directed by Sergey Tsyss
Russia, 2012, 6’30, Fiction environment

Every day he must make a new flower from a tin and plant it into the dry ground. This is the point of his existence, as there is nothing else left in the world but metallic rustle of the apocalypse flowers.

SAINT PETERSBURG. FANTASY Saint Petersburg Public Office “City Tourist Information Bureau”
Russia, 3’30, 2013, Promotional Spot

CRETE: INCREDIBLE MEMORIES Directed by Theo Papadoulakis Indigo Productions
Greece, 2013, 1’39, Promotional film

A business man working and stressing takes a few minutes to remember his holidays in Crete and take a break.


Malaysia, 2013, 7′, Documentary

The three main races of Malaysia telling what they like about their country.


A CITY WITHIN A CITY Directed by Cylixe
Germany, 2012, 18’22”, Documentary

A heterotopy is a space, symptomatically reflecting upon a social netting. When 20 years ago the construction of a skyscraper was interrupted in Caracas, Venezuela, no one could guess the building would become the tallest squat on earth.

WORKING DAY Directed by Andres Borghi
New Zealand, 2013, 3’04”, Promotional Fiction

The daily routine of a working man: building the country of New Zealand with his own hands.


SUSYA Directed by Dani Rosenberg, Yoav Gross
Israel/Palestinien Territories, 2010, 15′, Documentary

A 60 year old Palestinian and his son buy tickets to enter an archeological site of an ancient Jewish settlement. This is their only way to return to their abandoned home village, which they have not visited for 25 years.


JAPAN: A SKIER’S JOURNEY Directed by Jordan Manley
Japan, 2013, 10’, Sports/Travel

Following Arcteryx athletes Chad Sayers & Forrest Coots, we explore a world of contrasts. From Tokyo’s dizzying city lights to Hokkaido’s tranquil hardwood forests, Japan is a place embracing the future while climbing to rigid tradition.


SEEKING YOU Directed by Jean-Julien Pous
China/Canada, 2010, 03’16”, Animation

A poetically ambiguous ode to the sensuality, seduction & cacophonous beauty of Hong kong. Its hybrid imagery dances between the figurative & abstract, pulling the viewer into a vortex of sensory overload.


Russia, 2014, 22′, documentary
This film is about the singer Marina Vialkova, director general of the festival of St. John the Baptist and her children.


Indonesia, 2012, 5′, Promotional Film

The story of a journey of two characters in looking and experiencing new things, the beautiful nature, culture diversity, friendly faces abd the richness of art of Indonesia. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————- 

New Zealand, 2013, 08’30”, Documentary

A dynamic journey between the bustling night-time streets of Bangkok and the untouched lands of northern Thailand.

KIKI OF MONTPARNASSE Directed by Amelie Harrault
France, 2013, 14’27, Animation History & Culture

“Kiki de Montparnasse” was the muse of major avant garde painters of the early 20th century. Witness of a flamboyant Montparnasse, she emancipated from her status as a simple model & became the Quenn of the Night, a painter, a press cartonist, a writer & a singer. An incredible trip into the parisian history & culture.


CHANIA: A JOURNEY THROUGH THE COUNTRYSIDE Directed by Theo Papadoulakis,Indigo Productions
Greece, 2013, 4’10, Promotional Film

Instead of watching over and over again the movie “Zorbas”, an english man decides to visit Chania in Crete.


BELGRADE FROM AIR Directed by Dragan Trifunović
Serbia, 2013, 4’2”, Promotional Film

Low altitude aerial footage of Belgrade city.

PASSION FORMULA Directed by Sergey Bondarenko
Russia, 5’, 2013


CULTURE WITHOUT BOARDS Children Film Studio “Film Island”
Russia, 4’

CRISTAL FAIRY TALE Directed by Nikolai Torianik
Russia, 1‘

A TREAT FROM THE HEART Secretariat General for the Aegean and Island Policy
Greece, 2013, 1’31, Promotional film

An invitation to discover the Greek tastes & traditional food.


ROLL THE DICE Directed by Marija Jacimovic & Benoit Detalle
Serbia, 2013, 4’17, Promotional Animation

Based on an invented dice game the film sees the 2 protagonists’ journey as they rol the dice at every step of the way to determine where they will go next. Folowing this game of chance, they unveil Europe’s untold treasures and secrets as their separate paths slowly come together.

A JOURNEY TO THE AEGEAN SEA Directed by Nikolaos Dimitropoulos
Greece, 2013, 3’48, Promotional film

This promotional film invites you to visit and explore the Greek Islands. Discover their natural beauty, their traditions and their unique atmosphere.


SOUL OF THE GOLDEN LAND Directed by Alen Kocic Koc
Croatia, 2013, 5′, Promotional film

Promotion of old values of Slovenia, Croatia through the life of a little Slovenian girl who has grow up in a traditional way. The film represent Slavonia as gentle oasis, stress free, and without technology. This is invitation to tourists, to come and enjoy an unspoiled nature, clean water, organic food and peace.

THE DEVIL’S TRICKERY Directed by Zikica Jovanovic
Serbia, 2013, 9’23, Documentary

Devil’s town is a natural monument in the south of Serbia. Two rare natural phenomena are located there.


BEARS IN SAINT PETERSBURG. THE HERMITAGE. Saint Petersburg Public Office “City Tourist Information Bureau
Russia, 30”, 2014

BEARS IN SAINT PETERSBURG. THE KAZAN CATHEDRAL. Saint Petersburg Public Office “City Tourist Information Bureau
Russia, 30”, 2014


ASSYNT – IMMERSION IN WILDNESS Directed by Rupert Shanks
Scotland, 2013, 6′, Documentary Adventure/Travel

Join a group of travellers as they venture into wilds of Assynt, one of the world’s most ancient landscapes. It is a journey by canoe through lochs, deep vallays and soaring peaks.